The SOT-MRAM Pioneer


Jean-Pierre Nozières (Founder, CEO)

Jean-Pierre Nozières

Jean-Pierre is the founder of four MRAM-related start-ups: Crocus Technology, where he served as CTO, eVaderis, Hprobe and Antaios for which he currently serves as President and CEO. He is a research director from CNRS, France’s largest research organization and he was up to 2015 the founder and Executive Director of Spintec laboratory, from which Antaios was spun-off. Jean-Pierre also worked in the past at IBM’s Storage System Division and Applied Magnetics Corporation in the US. He graduated from Grenoble INP and holds a PhD in Physics from Grenoble University. Jean-Pierre Nozières received the CNRS Innovation Medal 2017.

Jean-Pascal Bost (Founder, CFO)

Jean-Pascal Bost

Jean-Pascal has more than 30 years experience in finance and management, from consulting (Bossard Consultants) and IT services, to Fortune 500 companies (Schneider Electric, Urgo group, Socpresse Mersen). In 2006, he steps into the start-up world first as CFO of Crocus Technolgy, then of McPhy Energy which he brought to IPO. After a short spell as CEO of the Linksium incubator in Grenoble, and CEO of eVaderis, an MRAM IP company, Jean-Pascal is now in charge of finances and strategy at Antaios. Jean-Pascal holds an MBA from ESSEC, Paris.


Witold Kula

Witold has 20 years of experience in R&D, technology transfer, and product development in the field of memories and data storage. Prior to joining Antaios, he served as Fellow at Micron Technology overseeing the company’s STT-MRAM development, TDK/Headway and Cypress Semiconductor (again on MRAM development), and IBM Corporation. Witold holds more than 70 patents and graduated with a PhD in Physics from Poland’s Science academy and Warsaw Technical University.

MARC DROUARD (Founder, R&D Manager)

Marc Drouard

After some pioneering work on SOT physics at Spintec during his PhD, Marc joined Dolphin Integration as a memory designer where he developed SRAM IPs for advanced technology nodes, which gives him a unique dual expertise in devices and design. Marc graduated from Grenoble INP and holds a PhD in Physics from Grenoble University.

JULIEN LOUCHE (Design Manager)

Julien Louche

Julien has worked as a memory designer in multiple semiconductor companies, large and small (Infineon Technologies, Atmel, Dolphin Integration and eVaderis). He is an expert in embedded memories and memory compilers. Julien holds an MSc from Nice Sophia-Antipolis Engineering school.